KetoCal® Recipes

Welcome to the new recipe page for meals and snacks prepared using KetoCal! 

We offer recipes for different types of Ketogenic diets using KetoCal!  Choose your prescribed ketogenic diet: Classical, or Modified Atkins.  You can select from a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options on each Ketogenic diet page using the buttons located on the left hand side.  Continue to visit our recipe pages as we will regularly add more simple and delicious ketogenic recipes.

KetoCal adds…

  • Variety and texture to recipes making the diet more palatable
  • Supplemental nutrients offering more nutrient dense meals
  • Child friendly options such as pizza, sandwich wraps, and smoothies

New FREE Starter Kit!

Contact your physician or dietitian to request the new MyKetoPlan Starter Kit which includes:

  • KetoCal sample - Powder or Liquid
  • Recipe book
  • Spatula
  • Insulated lunch bag - ideal for travel!

IMPORTANT: Please consult with your health care professional to determine if these recipes are appropriate for your prescribed medical nutrition therapy.

A special thanks to ...
  • Chef Neil Pallister-Bosomworth (pictured at right) who made these easy and delicious recipes possible

  • Emma Williams, Founder/Chief Executive –
    Matthew’s Friends,

Chef Neil Pallister-Bosomworth