KetoCal® Recipes — "Classical" Ketogenic Diet (KD)

ATTENTION:  This website contains recipes for the ketogenic diet in the three different formats; Classical, Modified Atkins, and Low Glycemic Index.  It is important that you follow the recipe format that has been prescribed to you. 

This page is for Classical Ketogenic Diet recipes. 

The “Classical" Ketogenic Diet (KD)

The KD is the oldest diet therapy available for the treatment of intractable epilepsy. It is a high fat, low carbohydrate (carb) diet that forces the body into a state of ketosis. It is thought that this process of burning fat for energy in the body might be helpful in controlling seizures. It is important to note the differences between the KD and the other diet options:

  • All foods must be weighed on a gram scale
  • All meals are precisely calculated using a computer program to fit a ratio (grams of fat : grams of carb + protein)
  • Total about 5-15 grams of carb per day

Breakfast  |  Lunch/Dinner  |  Snacks & Dessert

Tips for preparing recipes with KetoCal  

  • Gather several small bowls or containers for weighing ingredients.
  • Weigh all ingredients before preparing recipe.
  • After weighing a dry ingredient, you may ‘zero’ the scale to carefully add another dry ingredient to the same container. Weigh the higher volume ingredients last.
  • Use a rubber or silicone spatula to fully clean each container.
  • Recipes with KetoCal will cook or bake faster than regular recipes.
  • You may need to adjust the baking time to prevent over-cooking.
  • Use aluminum foil muffin liners or sheets to line baking containers. This will keep the fat from seeping away from the product. Do not use paper liners as they will absorb the fat.
  • If you subscribe to the KetoCalculator program,, you will be able to access all of these KetoCal recipes. The recipes and instructions to prepare  foods with KetoCal are located in the "Create/Display Meals" or "Create/Display Snacks" as “KetoCal Recipes.” Selecting these recipes will assist in automatically calculating these into your child’s diet. In addition, all of the new KetoCal foods are listed in the KetoCalculator program in the Fat Category as "KetoCal Recipes." This will allow you to incorporate them into meals or snacks that you have previously calculated.
  • If you include a recipe in a meal or snack, you can alter the ratio by adding other foods such as adding whipped cream.
  • You may also divide the prepared recipes to use as snacks or partial meals.
  • Recipes may be batched to save time. It is important to make a single recipe first then weigh the final product. Make a batch recipe by multiplying each ingredient by 10. Weigh the final product then divide this weight by the weight of a single recipe. This will give you the weight of a single serving then weigh out 10 single servings.
  • 36% Cream = Heavy whipping cream.
  • You will find some of our recipes conveniently offer both instructions for using KetoCal 4:1 and KetoCal 3:1.

IMPORTANT: Please consult with your health care professional to determine if these recipes are appropriate for your prescribed medical nutrition therapy.