Tips and Recipe Ideas for Celebrating Easter or Passover on the Ketogenic Diet

Like most holidays, Easter and Passover have food-related traditions that can make it slightly more complicated to manage your child’s ketogenic diet. For today’s post, we’ve compiled some tips and recipe ideas to help you manage your little one’s ketogenic diet over the upcoming spring holidays.


Instead of filling plastic eggs and Easter baskets with traditional candy, you can fill them with non-food treats (like stickers, jewelry, toy cars, etc.) or homemade keto treats.  The Charlie Foundation has some awesome recipes for keto chocolate candy and keto coconut candy.

Our basic keto cookie recipe (available in a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio), which makes the keto-equivalent of basic sugar cookies, is a great staple recipe for holidays. You can make them festive using Easter-themed cookie cutters and carb-free food coloring to color the cookie dough or the Truvia®* that you sprinkle on top (keto sprinkles!).

Jell-O® eggs, made using egg-shaped molds (such as this one), are popular Easter treats for kids. You can make a keto version using our KetoCal gelatin recipe.

If your family typically serves ham on Easter, you can make your little one a delicious Ham & Cheese Tart (one of my personal favorite keto recipes).

If carrot cake is a tradition in your home, KetoCook has a great recipe for keto carrot cake.

For more ideas, check out the Easter recipe ideas that Matthew’s Friends recently shared on their Facebook page (please keep in mind that these recipes are calculated using the program used in the UK so work with your dietitian to adjust).


The Epilepsy Foundation has a very helpful article all about managing the ketogenic diet over Passover. It includes many tips for substitutions that can be made to traditional Passover foods to make them more keto-friendly.

Matzo is a typical Passover food, but the high carb content usually makes it off limits for keto kids. If Matzo Ball Soup is a favorite in your family, you can make a keto-version for your child using the Charlie Foundation’s “No Matzo-Ball” Soup Recipe.

Macaroons are another common food consumed during Passover. Matthew’s Friends has a recipe idea for keto-friendly macaroons made of shredded coconut, egg whites, corn flour and artificial sweetener (please keep in mind that these recipes are calculated using the program used in the UK so work with your dietitian to adjust). If corn flour is not allowed, you could try substituting with almond flour.


Whether your family is celebrating Easter or Passover this week, we hope that you have an enjoyable holiday with your family!


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