Back to School Tips for Families on the Medical Ketogenic Diet

As your children head back to school, we hope you can use these tips by ketogenic dietitian Lindsey Thompson, MS, RD, CSP, LD. Thanks, Lindsey! Starting the new school year can be a mix of emotions from both excitement to apprehension, especially for families with a child on the medical ketogenic diet. Here are some […]

Back to School on the Ketogenic Diet: A Keto Dietitian’s Guide

In today’s guest blog post, ketogenic dietitian and Nutricia Keto Ambassador Vanessa Aldaz, MPH, RD, CDE, shares her tips for parents with a child going back to school on the ketogenic diet. Thanks, Vanessa! Perhaps your child started the ketogenic diet over the summer. School will soon be back in session and managing the diet may now require the […]

Back to School on the Ketogenic Diet: Blog Roundup

We don’t have to tell you that managing your child’s ketogenic diet can be tricky. As the kids head back to school, you may find that it gets a little more complicated. We’ve compiled a list of blog posts to help support you. From tips for informing the school about the diet to ideas for packing a […]