Helping to simplify the ketogenic diet

so you can enjoy more seizure-free moments

Medical ketogenic diets offer hope for seizure reduction

KetoCal® helps make it possible


How KetoCal Helps

KetoCal provides a consistent ketogenic ratio to help make following a medical ketogenic diet easier.

  • Easy ketogenic diet management for both oral & tube-feeders

  • Helps fill nutrition gaps

  • Quick, easy & stress-free meals

Take Control with KetoCal

KetoCal is a family of ketogenic formulas designed for the dietary management of drug-resistant epilepsy

Formulations Fueled by Science

More researched, more published, more clinically substantiated than any other medical ketogenic formula.


KetoCal® 4:1

Available in Unflavored, Vanilla & Chocolate flavored liquids, and Vanilla flavored powder


KetoCal® 3:1

Available in Unflavored powder


KetoCal® 2.5:1

Available in Vanilla flavored liquid

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A Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy

Studies have shown that a high fat, adequate protein and low carbohydrate diet is effective at reducing seizures in children and adults with drug-resistant.

Seizure Improvement
Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy
Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy

See how KetoCal is changing lives

Coco with Dad

During the first two months on KetoCal, we saw a huge reduction in seizures, and finally, ….the seizures stopped.


Adding KetoCal to Nathan's diet has been wonderful, ….he loves the taste, and the texture is amazing.

Unparallel support so you can help
change what's possible


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