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We’ve partnered with ketogenic dietitians and families with ketogenic diet experience to create a trustworthy source of information, tips and resources that can help you along your ketogenic diet journey.

We want to help make managing the medical ketogenic diet as easy as possible and help give you or your loved one the best possible chance for success on the diet.

Please note: information presented in our blogs is for educational purposes only and is in no way intended to replace the care, advice, and medical supervision of your ketogenic diet team. Always consult your ketogenic diet healthcare team with questions you have and before you make any changes to your or your loved one’s diet or condition management.

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Tips & Resources

Celebrating Birthdays on the Ketogenic Diet

A birthday party can be a little tricky for someone trying to stay on their ketogenic diet. With a party comes the expectations of cake and ice cream, ...
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Mom Talking to Child
Tips & Resources

How to Explain Ketogenic Diets & Epilepsy To Your Child

When your child has seizures and is starting a medical ketogenic diet, it’s important to help him or her to understand and cope as much as possible. But it ...
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Child Ready to Travel
Tips & Resources

Planning Ahead for Travel on a Keto Diet for Epilepsy

Whether you’re taking a trip an hour away or 12 hours away, traveling with someone on a medical ketogenic diet requires extra planning. Here are our best tips ...
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Women looking at ingredients
Tips & Resources

Hidden Carbohydrates in Non-Food Products

When you or your child are on a medical ketogenic diet, you will have to consider and limit the carbohydrates (carbs) in everything consumed, including non-food items. The term “hidden ...
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Fiber Image
Ketogenic Diet Information

Managing Fiber Needs on a Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy

Ketogenic diets include very high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate. Since carbohydrates are limited, this can also limit fiber, an important nutrient in the diet. Why is ...
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Child on Airplane
Tips & Resources

KetoCal Air Travel Tips

Travel plans coming up soon? We want to make sure you have no trouble taking your medically necessary ketogenic formula with you. Here are some tips for air ...
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