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Fun, tasty recipes available in 4:1 and 3:1 ketogenic ratio variations, including KetoCal to help fill nutritional gaps. Find a variety of recipes with different flavors, textures, and kid-friendly options for the whole family to enjoy.

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Tips for Keto Cooking

  • Always make sure to keep several small bowls for separating ingredients before preparing a recipe.
  • Using silicone kitchen tools, like silicone spatulas and spoons, prevents foods from sticking & allows you to serve and consume all fat within a recipe.
  • Recipes made with KetoCal will bake or cook more quickly than traditional recipes.
  • Make sure to monitor and adjust baking time to prevent over-cooking.

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Managing a Keto Diet: Tips & Support

Keto dietitians and families share their experience with ketogenic diets including topics such as, tips for traveling, meal planning, and celebrating holidays keto-style!


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Find support and encouragement by connecting with other members of the medical ketogenic diet community.

Be sure to carefully read instructions for using KetoCal 4:1, KetoCal 3:1 or KetoCal 2.5:1, so the formula delivers your child’s correct ketogenic ratio and calorie requirements.

KetoCal® is a medical food for the dietary management of intractable epilepsy and is intended for use under medical supervision. Talk to your healthcare provider about whether KetoCal is right for you.