Managing a Ketogenic Diet

Having the proper resources and support can help the success of a ketogenic diet



Diet Modification

Diet modification can help manage various types of seizures in both children and adults with epilepsy, particularly in cases when medications alone don’t work. A dietary approach to seizure management usually involves the restriction of carbohydrates (like sugar, pasta, and bread) and an increase in dietary fat (like butter, oils, bacon, and avocados). Choosing the right diet to help control seizures is based on several factors, including age, weight, and type of epilepsy.

All versions of medical ketogenic diets should be implemented under the supervision of a ketogenic diet healthcare team, including a neurologist and a dietitian. Your healthcare team will closely monitor growth, development and any side effects and adjust accordingly.

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Medical Ketogenic Diet Frequently Asked Questions

A medical ketogenic diet may be started in the hospital or at home under close medical supervision. You will work with your healthcare team, including a neurologist and a dietitian. Your ketogenic diet healthcare team will determine the appropriate ketogenic diet ratio and teach you everything you need to know about managing the diet including preparing and administering enteral nutrition for those who require a feeding tube.

Tube Feeding & Ketogenic Diets

Starting a ketogenic diet for the management of epilepsy is possible and can be prescribed to those with an enteral feeding tube. Medical ketogenic diets can be much easier to manage when using a feeding tube since the diet can be given with a special ketogenic formula, such as KetoCal.

Tube-feeds for adults and children with epilepsy can be given in a variety of ways. Whether given by bolus feeds from a syringe, continuous feeds on a feeding pump, or any combination of the two, medical ketogenic diets can be given with a feeding tube. Ideally, the feeding schedule should be similar to the previous feeding regimen, just with the new formula.

A classic ketogenic diet is mostly recommended for individuals who require enteral nutrition via a feeding tube. However, depending on the age and swallowing function of the individual, your medical team may recommend one of the other ketogenic diet modifications, such as the modified Atkins®* diet.

Did you Know?

Bolus means the formula is given all at once, like a meal. This can be done with a syringe or with a feeding pump.


Medical Ketogenic Diet Resources & Ongoing Support

Getting started on the medical ketogenic diet can be difficult. Whether you are explaining it to your family members or school, we have you covered with some resources that can help you along the way.

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