Helpful Resources

Supporting your success and helping to simplify the ketogenic diet for epilepsy


Teen with Keto Dietitian

Medical Ketogenic Diet Management Support

Ketogenic diets for epilepsy can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just getting started. Questions and concerns are normal and expected. Your keto healthcare team is there to support you and discuss any questions or concerns regarding the ketogenic diet that you may have.

Support Resources for You

Download resources & tools to help simplify ketogenic care and support you through your keto diet journey.


Caregiver’s Guide

A guide to help support caregivers with a loved one using KetoCal for a ketogenic diet.


My Keto Diary

A useful tool to help track your/your child’s ketogenic diet experience.


Caregiver Tips

Tips to help make managing the medical ketogenic diet for your loved one easier.


Ketogenic Diet Fact Sheet

Understanding medical ketogenic diets & how they can help improve seizures.


Keto Diet Video Series

Keto dietitians share tips and explain various medical ketogenic diet topics.


Keto-Friendly Recipes for

Find keto-friendly recipes to help make mealtime nutritious, delicious, and exciting! We have a variety of options for anyone in the family to enjoy.


Managing a Keto Diet: Tips & Support

Keto dietitians and families share their experience with ketogenic diets including topics such as, tips for traveling, meal planning, and celebrating holidays keto-style!


Connecting with

Find support and encouragement by connecting with other members of the medical ketogenic diet community.