Make your Valentine’s Day a Keto-Friendly One

KetoCal hearts for valentine's day

Make Valentine’s day fun with KetoCal

Did you know Saint Valentine was not only the patron saint of love and marriage, but also of epilepsy? In fact, in the province of Padua in northern Italy, Saint Valentine keys are still given to lovers as a romantic symbol to unlock the giver’s heart, but also to children to ward off epilepsy. This centuries-old tradition attracts thousands of people annually to the Oratory of St. George in Italy to celebrate Saint Valentine, the protector of children and lovers. To celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, here are some ketogenic-friendly ideas to make it a special day.

Make your own Valentine’s Day Key Card
Start with a blank card and a spare or decorative key. Take out your glue gun and hot glue the key to the middle of the front of the card. With a pink or red felt tip pen, write “You hold the” above the key, and “to my heart” below the key. Leave a heartfelt message inside.

Decorate your KetoCal® LQ drink box
Take some red construction paper and wrap a KetoCal LQ drink box, leaving room at the top to drink from. Cut out hearts in a different shade of red or pink and glue them onto the wrapped drink box. Leave a fun message on the front if desired. Voila! A fun way to drink KetoCal LQ.

Ketogenic Valentine Recipes

Try out these delicious and tasty Valentine-themed recipe ideas:

Have a happy and keto-friendly Valentine’s Day!

-Julia Duschastel
KetoCal Category Director
Nutricia North America

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