Nathan’s Story

This is our son Nathan. He's almost 6 years old. He is a Lego master. In March 2008, that was when his first seizure started. It was nuts; it was a huge change for our lives in every way. He wasn't able to talk or walk. We were a mess. We tried three different kinds of drugs, and they did not work at all. We started reading how this ketogenic diet was really an effective way to treat it. We were thinking: “well, it's just-food. This should be a no-brainer. Why not try it?”

At first, we were really scared because we had to get all these utensils, and he has to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I remember when we went to our first meeting with Robyn, our dietician, and she said it's going to be fine. We spoke with her, and she said we can use Nutricia's KetoCal® formula. We thought: “What is that?”. She introduced us to it for the first time. He's been close to a year seizure-free with it. I think it surprised everyone.

Adding KetoCal to Nathan's diet has been wonderful, just because he loves the taste, and the texture is amazing. The first time we made him pancakes, the house smelled amazing, and he loved it. We had never seen this kid happier in his life. He was so happy eating his pancakes. We made waffles, we made crepes out of it, and every single morning, he was like: "I want waffles. I want crepes, I want this and that” and he was just loving it. Now, it's so much easier than it was at the beginning.

We tell Nutricia that we want six cans, and they ship them here fast and easy. We can rely on them for anything. It feels really wonderful. It's so funny because Nathan saw the brown truck outside, and he was like, "My KetoCal is here!”, it was great.

The good news is that everyone seems to be doing quite well now. It's brought us very close together as a family, going through these difficult times. We just kind of thought that for a while there, we were losing him, and he was slipping away from the child that he was. Then to see him come back and be himself and growing and learning and doing great the way he has, it's been wonderful.

Nathan & Sister

KetoCal® is a medical food for the dietary management of drug-resistant epilepsy, is intended for individuals 1 year of age and older and must be used under medical supervision.