Planning Ahead for Travel on a Keto Diet for Epilepsy

Child Ready to Travel

Whether you’re taking a trip an hour away or 12 hours away, traveling with someone on a medical ketogenic diet requires extra planning. Here are our best tips for preparing for time away from home:

  1. Make a checklist: Think of all the things that you need to pack and things you need to do. Start this list several weeks before the planned trip. This will bring you much needed peace of mind knowing that everything is checked off the list and you truly have thought of everything!
  1. Label everything: Be specific and label all bags and bowls of food items. It may even be helpful to label the outside with what food it contains and what day and time you plan on serving it. This way it is fool proof when other family members are trying to be helpful and helps you to keep everything straight and organized.
  1. Consider the timing: Many websites that give tips on traveling with children suggest that you choose travel times near bedtime. By traveling at night, you can feed your keto kid their meal and then prepare them for a traveling bedtime, whether it be by car or airplane. This is less time you have to think about feeding your child and it’s an easy distraction in your travel plan.
  1. Bring non-perishable meals and snacks: Try to bring non-perishables and pre-made snacks/meals that can be consumed on the way there AND the way back.  Some suggestions would be a sugar-free gelatin with whipped cream, avocado or KetoCal®.  Make 2 travel meals/snacks and save one for the return trip. Don’t forget a cooler! If you are traveling by plane, don’t forget to consider TSA guidelines.
  1. Research your destination: It can be helpful to look into both hotels or rental homes in the area. A hotel may offer some perks, like a concierge and a chef who are happy to meet the needs of your child’s special diet. However, a rental home will have a full kitchen that you can utilize.
  • Does your lodging have a refrigerator available that you can use?
  • Check out local restaurant menus
  • Look up local grocery stores
  • Where is the nearest grocery store?
  • Can you order groceries and have them delivered so they are ready when you arrive?
  • Do they carry the brands of food in your child’s menus?
  1. Have a travel letter: Many facilities who support the Ketogenic Diet have standard letters that they can provide to families. The travel letter should include that your child is on a special medical diet and that it would be helpful to be able to carry in certain items, such as unrestricted amounts of fluids (cream, oil, water, etc) and a cooler. These letters can be used for air travel as well as amusement parks and water parks that usually restrict customers from bringing in outside food.

KetoCal® is a medical food for the dietary management of drug-resistant epilepsy and must be used under medical supervision.  

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Always consult with your ketogenic clinician prior to making any changes to your ketogenic diet or condition management.
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