Keto University

We are committed to supporting and educating healthcare providers working with the medical ketogenic diet through the Nutricia North America Keto University program

Keto University Program

Keto University is designed as a training course and networking opportunity for healthcare professionals administering the medical ketogenic diet to patients with refractory/intractable epilepsy and other epilepsy-related disorders, where the medical ketogenic diet is indicated.

This interactive workshop provides practical training, small group discussions, hands-on diet calculations, a cooking workshop, and keto best practices.


Did you Know?

Nutricia has educated more than 2,000 healthcare professionals worldwide through Keto University.


Keto University Courses

All the courses are led by highly experienced ketogenic dietitians, neurologists, and other healthcare professionals to provide you with the latest medical and scientific updates.

Concurrent tracts offer learning and discussion opportunities for different levels of experience.

Fundamental Tract

Intended for dietitians with little to no experience with the medical ketogenic diet.

Advanced Tract

Intended for more experienced medical ketogenic diet practitioners.

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Keto University Cooking Workshop

Our experience has shown that healthcare providers benefit from a hands-on keto cooking workshop led by our ketogenic chef.

This workshop discusses tips and tricks on managing keto, provides delicious ketogenic recipes that patients will love, and explains how to use essential keto cooking tools. Grab your apron and join the fun!

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