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The Keto Hope Foundation was founded to support families and healthcare professionals across the country to advance the ketogenic diet for the management of pediatric epilepsy. Their Keto Friends initiative connects new ketogenic diet families to a network of experienced parents for educational and emotional support. Learn more at

The Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies was founded in 1994 to provide information about diet therapies for people with epilepsy and other medical conditions. Their website,, is a wonderful site for parents seeking information or support with the ketogenic diet. They even offer a Keto Support Line where parents can submit questions:

Matthew's Friends is an organization based in the UK dedicated to spreading awareness, ensuring access, and providing support in the use of dietary treatments for epilepsy. Their website,, is full of useful information and resources for parents. They offer a family forum where parents can connect with other keto families:

The Carson Harris Foundation was established to increase awareness on the issues that affect individuals with epilepsy and raise funds in support of clinical and research efforts on the diagnosis of epilepsy and its treatment including the ketogenic diet. Their website,, is a great resource.

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